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Richards Completes Ballotpedia Candidate Connection Survey

Audrey's Ballotpedia Candidate Connection Survey answers have been published! You can read the complete list of Q&As here, but we've included the highlights below!

Q: What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about?

Priority number one for me is always education. Rural schools are inherently disadvantaged due to lack of resources and funding; I experienced that firsthand growing up. Children are the future and rural America is no less valuable than major metro centers.

I am incredibly passionate about agricultural issues and big tech. The law and Congress have not kept up with the growing pace of technology. I will push to eliminate companies' ability to collect, sell, and/or purchase your personal internet data. I will also work to fund research into the impact of screen time and social media on the development of children. Finally, I will always act as a representative of family farmers. They are the growers and sowers, without whom America literally does not eat. Congress needs to acknowledge that and support them.

Q: What was your very first job? How long did you have it?

My very first job was at Silver Dollar City when I was eight years old. My dance class performed in the gazebo at the front of the park during the summer, where we would perform clogging routines in half-hour intervals. It was hot and I had so much fun both summers I was able to participate. I got a paycheck for $50 and spent the bulk of it on rock candy and Three Musketeers bars.

Q: What do you perceive to be the United States’ greatest challenges as a nation over the next decade?

Technology. Our government is massively outpaced by other countries and foreign entities. Whether it is our dependency on third-party software, the fact that laws have not kept up with the pace of innovation, or the lack of clarity on what constitutes misinformation, the US is not prepared. In my view, our greatest challenge will be keeping pace with innovation while also not being afraid to regulate big tech.

Q: Do you believe that compromise is necessary or desirable for policymaking?

Absolutely. Anyone can go up to DC and shout at people across the aisle. That doesn't take political know-how or courage. Standing up to say, "I need this, and I am willing to budge a little over here to get it," that's how you build a coalition. That is how you become a respected Representative. Talking points can get you elected, but only opening up to bipartisanship will actually accomplish anything for the community you hope to serve.

Q: Tell us your favorite joke.

How do you count cattle?

With a cow-culator!

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