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Candidates make last-minute push at forum

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State and county candidates made a last-minute push for support from party leaders and voters during a candidate forum held on Friday, July 22, at Golden Corral in Branson.

Several candidates running to replace Rep. Billy Long in the state’s 7th Congressional District spoke to the group about their platforms and positions.

Audrey Richards said she was representing the people “who don’t show up.” She said those are the younger people who agree with Republican views but feel like their voices are not heard or considered by party leaders.

“Look around,” Richards said. “Young people. Where are we? Why do young people not show up to these events? It’s because we feel like we’re not being heard.

“We have to really start engaging young people because there’s a generational shift happening in Washington, D.C. Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi are leaving soon, and who will they be replaced with? Young progressive women. The Republican party doesn’t have an answer to that. We don’t have a voice. And we need to prove to young Republicans across the nation that women not only have a place in the Republican party but we can be leaders. The Democratic party does not have a monopoly on the voices of young people or of women.”

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