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Born and raised in Southwest Missouri, Audrey is ready to fight for us to have a say in how our country moves forward. 


Audrey was born in Joplin, Missouri, and grew up in Kimberling City. Living in a town of 900 people meant she always had a tight-knit community of support. Her church family, family friends, and teachers often overlapped. Their consistent belief in Audrey, an insistence that she could chase her dreams no matter how big they were, propels her forward to this day.

Quick Facts

Born: Joplin, MO

High School: Reeds Spring HS

College: George Washington University (BA in Political Science)

Government Experience: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency


Audrey's biggest priority has always been education. She fought to get into the college she wanted, then struggled the entire time because she hadn't learned how to learn. Children in rural schools are automatically disadvantaged due to lack of resources and location. That impacts the rest of their lives.

"Southwest Missouri has always been my home, and I want the children who grow up here to choose to stay here. I want people other places to look at Southwest Missouri and think, 'That's where I want to start a business. That is where I want to raise my family.'

"This is the community that taught me how to fight for what I know is right; taught by people who have always believed in me. This is the community I would be honored to represent in Congress."