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Missouri 7th District GOP debate highlights

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The seventh district GOP congressional candidates debated on Wednesday, July 20. There are a total of eight candidates vying for Billy Long’s Congressional seat.

Each candidate present gave an opening statement. Candidates include Sam Alexander, Audrey Richards, Alex Bryant, Mike Moon, Paul Walker, Eric Burlison, Jay Wasson, Camille Lombardi-Olive.

Opening Statements:

Audrey Richards: “Americans are struggling under the Joe Biden presidency. Money should not dictate our elections.”

Question 1: What specific things would you like to see the Republican Party move forward in its first 100 days in 2023?

Richards: “We need to re-instate the crude oil export of 1995. All crude oil drilled in America needs to go to American customers, which would drastically lower the price of gas. And then of course, that lowers the price of everything going on in the supply chain from there on out. So it will lower the price of goods across the board. And it would also create a gap in the international market. So you would be killing two birds with one stone by passing or reinstating one piece of legislation.”

Question 2: How would you vote on the issue of same sex marriage?

Richards: “I am pro free speech. I am pro gun and I am pro keeping the government out of your home. I believe that regulating marriage is a church issue and is not a government issue as far as I’m concerned. Whatever gender combination you want to make between two consenting adults is none of my business. I believe America has far bigger problems.”

Question 3: What real world things can be done to stop supply chain issues and stop inflation?

Richards: “I do actually have expertise in policy. And I will reference once again the crude oil export ban. You have to look at the root cause of inflation. You have to look at the root cause of the rising price of goods across the board, which is the fact that it costs more money to get them to the store. Because gas is so much more expensive now. And if we lower the price of oil by ensuring that all American drilled oil goes to American customers, it will lower the price of goods across the board.”

The August primary will decide which Republican candidate will be on the ballot this November.

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