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Joplin Globe Survey #1

In this feature, we put five questions before Missouri’s 7th Congressional District candidates. Twelve candidates are vying for the seat held by Billy Long, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat to be vacated by Roy Blunt. Wasson, Burlison and Bryant did not return multiple requests for comment. Read the full article at The Joplin Globe here.

Q: Name three concrete steps you will take if elected to reduce mass shootings. Name the steps you oppose and why.

A: As a representative, I would need to be realistic about what can pass both the House and Senate. We have to focus on curbing the fear many children across the country now have when going to school: that they may be the victim of a mass shooting. I was in school about a decade ago, in a nebulous time when school shootings happened but were not nearly as prevalent. We had school shooter drills, so I understand that fear, but those same drills I took part in are far more real for today’s students and their parents. We must find a solution that does not eliminate Second Amendment rights. The average age of school shooters is 18; therefore, I support raising the age requirement for purchasing an assault rifle to 21. I view this as a show of good faith to both sets of stakeholders. We are not eliminating purchasing power, but we are sending a message to schoolchildren that we are working continuously on ways to keep them safe. At the end of the day, if we’re not working to make life better for our children, then what are we even doing? What is the point?

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