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Full KRPS Presents Interview

Listen to the full KRPS article here.

Midterm elections are nearly upon us, and for the first time in a decade, the incumbent (R) Billy Long is not running to defend his seat in Missouri’s 7th Congressional District. This development has led to a wide-open primary. Three years ago, Audrey Richards looking to find her political footing, ran as an independent but this year filed as a Republican. Richards says she learned a lot from that first run in 2019.

“A lot. A very, very large amount for sure. I would say the biggest change for me was that when I began my campaign in 2019, I was very naive about the realities of political systems. I studied it academically, I have a degree in political science, but until you’re in it and you’re running for office, you don’t quite understand everything that’s at play.”

How Richards operated and ran her 2019/2020 campaign and how she thinks of this year’s effort are night and day. Richards admits that during her first run she felt that if she could be herself, meet enough people and tell voters what she stood for, the strategy would provide a good chance of success.

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