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Below are Audrey's platform and policy solutions for some of America's most pressing issues.

Mission Statement

As Abraham Lincoln said in his first Inaugural Address, "We are not enemies, but friends." Audrey aims to embody that Republican Party legacy by promoting unity and progress over partisanship. ​The goal is for people from across the country to look at Southwest Missouri and think, "That's where I want to start a business. That is where I want to raise my family."

How will Audrey ...

... lower gas prices?

Audrey will support a windfall profits tax, which is a tax on all oil and gas profits over what companies made in 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will remove the incentive for companies to continue price gouging the American people at the pump.


She will also work to reinstate the crude oil ban of 1975, so that all American-drilled oil goes to American customers. This will drastically lower the price of gas.

... support farmers?

Audrey will support a pause on all merger approvals to prevent big agriculture companies from consolidating their power and overtaking family farms.

She will also work to limit the foreign ownership of American farmland, and putting that land back into American hands.

... get money out of politics?

The simple truth is that money is not speech and corporations are not people. Big donors and dark money cannot continue to run our elections.

Audrey supports ending Citizens United by eliminating PACs and SuperPACs. Political contributions should be limited to $5,000 annually and can only come directly from people. Not businesses, not corporations, and not from nonprofits.

We, the people, should control our elections.

... combat inflation?

Lowering gas prices, as discussed in the previous panel, will lessen the burden on our supply chain and lower prices of goods across the board. We also need to tax corporate bigwigs' bonuses, prevent stock buybacks, and limit AirBNB/VRBO home purchases. This will allow more young people to enter the homebuyers market.

... support public schools?

Audrey is committed to the success of our public schools in Southwest Missouri, and across the nation. She will ensure funding for IDEA act compliance, work to ensure public school teachers across the country have a livable wage, and open up federal funds to ensure rural schools have access to what their students need.

She will also encourage schools to provide secondary education options that do not include a four-year college degree. These include things such as vocational training and technological boot camps.

... work to provide internet for rural areas?

Audrey will ensure that funding recipients are accountable for providing the service speeds they promise, and eliminate self-reporting to the FCC.

She will support legislation requiring all federally-funded broadband projects to meet minimum speed and bandwidth requirements.

Finally, Audrey will work with her fellow legislators to create a Mississippi Basin Authority, a union of co-ops to provide low-cost internet to rural areas across the Midwest.

... work to get the Russian military out of Ukraine?

We cannot continue to simply send money and weapons to Ukraine and hope for the best. Their military does not know how to use most of the weapons we send.


Instead, we need to focus on using international markets to give Russia economic incentive to get out of Ukraine. The motivation for that invasion is to open up a new trade route through the Black Sea. By reinstating the crude oil ban of 1975, Audrey will work to limit domestic oil production to domestic customers, creating a gap in the international market. Russia will be able to fill that market instead of utilizing the Black Sea route. This will benefit Ukrainians, Americans, and the Russian people.

... support the US Post Office?

Audrey supports removing the pay-as-you-go requirement to prefund employee retirement. This will make the agency solvent.

She will work to remove Louis Dejoy as Postmaster General and institute new leadership with more commitment to maintaining the USPS network in rural America. Audrey will also work to replace the previously dismantled sorting machines; these are a key contributor to increased mail delays.

Finally, Audrey will also support reinstituting postal banking. This will help underbanked individual access small cash withdrawals and check cashing services without overbearing bank fees.

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