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Against Billy Long, Audrey Richards is Still Standing

With the Democratic candidate of MO-7’s House seat suspending their campaign, Audrey Richards remains ready to face off against Congressman Long.

(Springfield, Missouri)- The Democratic candidate for the US Congressional seat in Missouri’s 7th district has announced her withdrawal from the race, citing lack of financial support and health concerns. This development leaves Candidate Richards poised as the best and only viable contender to challenge Billy Long this November.

Being born and raised in southwest Missouri and having genuine federal government experience by working in the US Treasury Department at such a young age, Audrey Richards exemplifies the southwest Missouri values of community outreach and hard work. She is a home-grown candidate made by southwest Missouri to serve southwest Missourians.

Although this campaign has been an uphill battle for Candidate Richards, her campaign persists with small dollar donations and community outreach efforts despite the pandemic. Canvassing in the age of Coronavirus has only reaffirmed that the people of Missouri’s 7th congressional district want to be heard and deserve to be represented by one of their own.

The Richards campaign wishes nothing but the best for the health and wellbeing of Teresa Montseny. In the meantime, we will keep fighting for the interests of the people of this district in this race which has become a face-off between the typical D.C. establishment and an exciting, young, homegrown candidate involved in the communities she wishes to serve.


Lilia Korol

Communications and Media Strategist | Audrey Richards for Congress | (417) 365-0285


Audrey Richards for Congress is a truly grassroots write-in campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives seat in Missouri’s 7th Congressional District. Audrey Richards is a southwest Missouri native with priorities such as improving education, infrastructure, and corporate tax reform. For more information, visit

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